Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Developer view : iOS View controller LifeCycle from Android Activity LifeCycle

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  3. Nice comparison. Not seen this before but was hoping someone would do it. The other major difference between iOS and Android is Android works on a per activity basis and iOS has the AppDelegate :- many application level life cycle events are handled there on iOS.

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  5. Android is not an operating system it is just an appliction on which our made application runs . OS used is linux .

    1. You have to rethink your OS concept (, an OS is the underlying platform on which the user apps are built.

      And BTW Linux is just the kernel, not the whole OS, maybe you mean GNU/Linux: Linux + GNU tools (bash, gcc...), in which case Android uses it own set of system tools which are not part of the GNU Tools.

  6. Nice comparison Of life cycle between android and ios