Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tomcat Configuration Https without port number

Install tomcat or Unzip tomcat and run the start.bat file from APACHE_HOME\bin.
Tomcat runs on http with 8080 port default.
To test, type http://localhost:8080 in browser.

To enable HTTPS

We need to change few configuration in the APACHE_HOME \conf\server.xml file.

Uncomment the connector in APACHE_HOME \conf\server.xml file.

Create an abc.jks file using keytool and place in the ${user.home}.
Note: ${user.home} in windows “C:\Documents and Settings\user”.
Now we can access https with the following set up.
To test, type https://localhost:8443 in browser.

Remove 8443 port

Default security port is 443.
So, change the port from 8443 to 443 in the above connector as follows.

To test, type https://localhost in browser.