Thursday, September 27, 2012

Java: Convert String to Hex ASCII

Convert String to Hex ASCII

To convert String to Hex ASCII, We can use format,
public static String format(String format, Object... args)

Returns a formatted string using the specified format string and arguments.
format - A format string
args - Arguments referenced by the format specifiers in the format string. If there are more arguments than format specifiers, the extra arguments are ignored. The number of arguments is variable and may be zero. The maximum number of arguments is limited by the maximum dimension of a Java array as defined by the Java Virtual Machine Specification. The behaviour on a null argument depends on the conversion.
A formatted string
IllegalFormatException - If a format string contains an illegal syntax, a format specifier that is incompatible with the given arguments, insufficient arguments given the format string, or other illegal conditions. For specification of all possible formatting errors, see the Details section of the formatter class specification.
NullPointerException - If the format is null

By using formatter class, we can convert char to hexadecimal integer.
Category Description
'x', 'X'
The result is formatted as a hexadecimal integer
The result is formatted as a decimal integer  
The result is formatted as an octal integer

Sample Code

public class ConvertStringToHexASCII
      public static void main(String[] args)

      private static String convertStringToHexASCII(String value)
            StringBuffer convertedValue = new StringBuffer();
            for (char c : value.toCharArray())
                  convertedValue.append(String.format("0x%02x", (int)c));
                  convertedValue.append(", ");
            return convertedValue.toString();

Output: 0x41, 0x42, 0x43, 

Note: For ASCII Table Visit

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